X3: Reunion App Bewertungen

shame noone has fixed this game

i keep trying because i remember how good it was. such potential. dont buy until a new update is made the addons/expansions and mods have better luck with play and reliabilaty but you may need to reinstall to get it to work.

Still broken with Lion

Not only is the menu system extremely clunky and useless, but with Lion, all my ship does is spin in a circle. Everyone who bought this should have their money refunded, as it is completely unplayable garbage.

Dont buy this on lion

this appears to have many issues left for lion users. I cant even launch the game no matter what settings i chose. Shame cause i loved X3 on the pc.


This game does not work DO NOT BUY IT.

Controls are WAY to hard!

I wanted to play a game, not to to school and get a degree in IT just to learn the overly confusing controls for this game! Where have all the bad reviews gone? Somehow they where removed? I wish I could get a refund, but I know that is not possible with software. DON'T WAST YOUR MONEY! I would like it if it was PLAYABLE but it is almost impossible. PLEASE FIX CONTROLS This is the OPPOSIT of iPhone user friendliness!


This game doesn't work on Lion with a Macbook Pro. About 12 seconds after beginning play, it freezes the entire computer and the only way out is a hard reeboot. This game needs to be removed from the store until it is fixed.

game works fine for me

the game works fine for me the only problem i have with it is it is way too complex to enjoy i am a seasoned player and i can make do with just about any game but evey key one the keyboard doesnt need to have a function and your enemies plus the game does not tell you the basics of playing and with so much to do its a bummer also to 100 page pdf is just ridiculous the depth does seem great but too complicated if you want a good space game that is very enjoyable but lacks some depth try Galaxy on Fire 2 its great

Now its a good game

ok i got help from some of the people that i guess made the game. CHECK THE IGNORE LAST SETTINGS AND START WITH DEFAULT THEN THE GAME WILL WORK!!!!!!!! it appears before you start the game so now its a great game really good graphics and AI are pretty smart to

Was this even beta tested?

Looks great, but none of the controls work. I thought when Apple highlights an application by putting it at the very top of the App Store, that it was a recommendation. I guess maybe the publisher pays to be put there. I don't think Apple even glanced at this program. It just doesn't work.

Great Graphics but horrible gameplay. Don't buy this one.

The graphics are really great however, the gameplay is aweful. They need to update the interface before buying this one, Waste of $$$$

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